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Plant Closing News

PDS publishes a bimonthly industry focused newsletter, Plant Closing News. It details current industrial and manufacturing plant closures in the US and Canada.

PDS gathers daily plant closing, shutdown, relocation news from more than 4000 trade journals, business press releases, newspapers and others news sources. These articles are analyzed and edited with plant and corporate details added, e.g., parent company information, physical address, phone, fax, SIC, major products, contacts, facility size and closing date.

We’ve published PCN continuously, twice per month since February, 2003. PCN has reported on more than 5,000 industrial closures and relocations.

PCN Sample Issues

Try PCN before you subscribe: 15 January 2007 issue, 1 March 2008 issue, and 01 September 2008 issue.

Contact us if you have any questions or comments about PCN or to subscribe to this unique news source.