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Plant Closing Checklist

PDS has been asked to develop a Plant Closing Checklist by multiple companies with plant closing requirements. Our discussions with clients and service providers, as well as our professional experience with plant closure issues, have resulted in developing a multi-page checklist to be used by internal auditors, project closure managers, plant managers, investment recovery personnel, purchasing and maintenance managers, as well as environmental professionals in preparing your own pre-plant closure checklist or for use as a guide during plant closing activities.

The Plant Closing Checklist details more than 200 questions and comments on 20 plant closing topics regarding plant closure planning. The topics we cover in the Plant Closing Checklist include:

  • Plant closing objectives
  • Pre-closing considerations
  • Schedule considerations
  • Budget considerations
  • Who knows what and when about the planned plant closure
  • Staffing considerations
  • Environmental considerations
  • Asset disposal considerations (the most detailed section)
  • Legal issues
  • Document retention
  • Raw materials, finished products, work in process
  • Relocation considerations
  • Engineering issues
  • Demolition considerations
  • Safety and risk management issues
  • Hidden values
  • Real estate issues
  • Bankruptcy: a special kind of plant closure
  • Suggestions
  • How can PDS assist you with your plant closure planning?

Please consider purchasing a copy of Plant Closing Checklist to use on your next manufacturing site closure; or contact Project Development Services for consulting services regarding plant closure activities.